I, Tony Steele, was born near the ivy covered halls of Michigan State University, oddly enough in the state of Michigan.
I am an artist, for lack of a better , with more than 15 years of experience in graphic design and illustration under my belt.
I've always been interested in comics and role-playing games and the art that goes into it. At and early age I decided that a career in art was the thing, growing up I had informed my mother that I wanted to be a cartoonist or a construction worker. She told me that construction was probably the way to go because cartoonists don't make much money. After a colorful educational career and acquiring a degree in Commercial Art-Illustration and one in Graphic Design I strode boldly forth into the world to find that I had no idea where to start.
And then there was Gen Con in Milwaukee. From then on I talked to the faces behind the art and learned about "The Biz". Since then I've done inking for comic books (with REAL ink even.), art for card games like Hidden Conflict for Twilight Creations and Unspeakable Words for Playroom Entertainment, RPG books for companies like HERO Games, as well as airbrush package design for DeVillbiss. I love to create monsters, I have many styles from cartoon to realistic. A swiss army artist if you will, I cater to many tastes.
For those that want to know, I live in Michigan with my wife Kay (also an artist in her own right.) and our four cats Harley, Miggs,Priss and Wilson.
I'm not going to stop till they pry the pencil from my cold, dead hand.